Working with a disability

Working with a disability can be hard. I began my working life as a sound therapist which is a form of music based therapy for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties. I loved that job. After being medically retired out of the post i retrained as a disability trainer. With my unique perspective i was able to deliver to doctors, nurses and health care professionals. I then got a job working at the Percy Hedley Foundation in their employability project.

Helping those of all abilities

At the Percy Hedley Foundation i delivered equality and diversity to businesses to help engage and encourage them to take on our students with disabilities. I then wrote and ran a “Personal Independence Programme” for the residential service. This covered anything from washing and dressing independently. Cooking, setting up fund raising teams and giving severely disabled students the opportunity to work with employers within the foundation bringing the work place to them as with there high care need it was difficult to accommodate this in the workplace. This is known as reasonable adjustment / Job Carving.

Job Carving – The perfect role for everyone

I was incredibly fortunate to have an amazing boss when i worked as a sound therapist. The role didnt even exist before i joined the team and it was thanks to my boss that he ‘Carved’ a role to match my abilities and skills.

Since then and throughout my career i have come to really appreciate the effectiveness of job carving in the workplace. I even created a video about it on my YouTube channel:

Onwards and upwards – Forever Living Manager and building A team

After my health took another turn for the worst, and with the government watering down the equality act to be a shadow of its former self, i decided to move on with my career. Constantly having to prove myself day in and day out became something i could not bear. Whilst i would use my knowledge in health and well-being sessions still it just doesn’t have the strength it did before standing on its own. For this reason i decided to start selling Forever Living Products. I believe in their products and have experienced the benefits to my own health.

Helping those in need – My Charity Drive

I have recently started my new charity drive to give all my earnings from the next two months of my Forever sales to a good cause. I am also accepting donations.

Using the money raised i will be creating ‘Pamper Packs’ for those in hospitals here in the UK. Its just a little pack of about £20 to give patients on stroke and cancer wards a little pick me up with some nice lotions and soaps. Its just a little way i can make a difference to those who are suffering some of the hardest experiences of their lives. Having volunteered on wards for several years i have really come to appreciate just how hard these times in someones life can be!


If you would like to contribute you can give a donation using my Paypal collection or purchase items from my Forever Store

Want to Join the team? – Recruiting Now

This is how it works. Everyone who wants to sell and earn money through forever living joins a team run by an existing member (such as myself). You start off as a new Forever Business Owner and move up to Assistant Supervisor by going out and selling. You make 15% from each sale as a new owner but by selling more products and moving up to Assistant Supervisor,  Supervisor and then manager you earn more and more % from each sale. You can do this alongside an existing part time or full time job at times that are suitable for you.

To move up to assistant manager i need a little help from my team and that is why i am recruiting new members now. My team can be from anywhere in the world so don’t worry if your not in the UK.  Having team members is a responsibility i look forward to and i won’t let you down. By joining my team i will offer you support and advice to help you get started and progress in your forever living journey. After all my success is all about your success!. That is what makes Forever such a great place to work.

If you want to join my team then Drop me an e-mail